He also makes a playable appearance in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. However, the only way to destroy the Rugname for good is by attacking the Martian leader Rootmars, who controls every aspect of the ship with his brain. faction. She later found out her sister Madoka also joined to become more physically fit, and was also placed in the Supply Division... and shares the same atrocious sense of direction her sister has. A customized version of the Iron Nokana armored combat vehicle created by Amadeus Syndicate. Fio is an only child who joined the military because of family tradition. A support blimp created by the Rebel Army and Amadeus Syndicate. Sprites Berserker Boat Man Bura Gariae Car Car 2 Chicken Fake Mummy Final Boss Hazmat Soldier Hog Van Lumberjack M-15A Bradley Marco Monkey Marco Morden Robot Nadia PF Squad Truck Pirate Grunt Rifle Soldier Scientist Taxi. The backstory to each character is where the real plot points stand out. Jephet is a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack, first appearing in the Extra Ops titled 'Task Force 2nd' where her parts can be obtained through her limited-time Step Up Crank. She soon discovered her skills as a soldier, and was chosen to help in stopping the Amadeus Syndicate from releasing its supervirus. It is specifically designed to be controlled by Allen O'Neil. They can take twice as many hits, he can use the vulcan fix, the vulcan's damage is increased, and he obtains twice as many Slug Shells on pickup. It was later captured by the Rebel Army and later weaponized by fitting a giant tank as its "shell". Here, he acted as Tarma's stand-in. Games Movies TV Video. Before each mission, she fills her backpack with various supplies, and treks out to deliver the goods to Regular Army Soldiers... but there's one problem. It is heavily armored in order to protect the nuclear reactor inside its body. Accusing his soldiers of laziness when they want to stop to refuel their vehicles bites him in the rear when their vehicles run out of fuel. Due to the confusing nature of the game (and the fact that so much went unused), it was hard to tell who was really in charge. A gorilla/crab like mecha designed to climb up the cliff. Though he often pokes fun at Marco, he holds his friend in the highest regard. If and when he can retire from active service, he intends to open his own motorbike shop. It is occupied by the Monoeyes and possesses a strange energy that is capable of turning people into mindless zombies. In Metal Slug 3, he not only died, but came back in the same level. The primary antagonists of the series, the Rebel Army was formed when Morden defected from the Regular Army over the death of his son. She starts each life with 20, gains double grenades on pickup, deals more damage with them, and is the only one able to aim her throws, which includes straight upward. They give a huge smile upon seeing it. Daughter of the massively wealthy Germi Family, hailing from Italy. Marco Rossi. There's rumors flying around, but he tends to ignore them. Though defeated at the end of 2/X, they kidnapped Morden before the events of 3, sending a Mars Person to impersonate him, and eventually capturing one of the player's characters and creating clones of him/her. Wikis. Due to the conflict of the Rebel Army and Regular Army around the ransacked ruins, Sol Dae Rokker became furious and started attacking anyone who is responsible. It is possible that the Hozmi was constructed with alien technology. Son of a military man, Tarmicle entered the Special Forces Training School after finishing junior high. It is equipped with tank treads which allows the vehicle to move faster on any terrain, and has even more improved armor and firepower. Images depicting the player characters hanging out with Tarma. Der Spieler läuft genretypisch durch meist horizontal scrollende Level und versucht durch das Ausschalten von Gegnern möglichst weit vorzudringen. Once transferred to the SPARROWS division, she was assigned the role of team demolitions expert. It is used for carrying troops to the field and to give support fire from any range. A nuclear-powered submarine designed for naval battles. The drill instructor of Metal Slug X and Gimlet's mission control in Metal Slug: Second Mission. View: text icon icon+ list. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll

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